Murex has exported more ethanol from the US than any other company for the past six years, increasing its global reach daily as the world consumes additional renewable fuels. Murex exports to Canada from ethanol plants in the Midwest and exports to other worldwide locations from Texas City, Texas.

  • Murex maintains 600,000 barrels of tank storage in Texas city, Texas, with the ability to blend multiple moisture-level and denaturant specification for customers around the world.
  • Export quality mainly focuses around China, India, Europe, Brazil, Philippines, Peru and other discretionary blending sites.
  • Murex can offer price quotes for FOB Texas City or CIF to multiple destinations.
  • Murex has deep water access to load MR Tankers, Coasters, and Barges.
  • Murex has terminal access to gasoline, natural gasoline, and bitrex as ethanol denaturants.
  • Murex ethanol has ISCC and RED sustainability certifications for Europe.

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