Murex has exported more ethanol from the US than any other company for the past four years, increasing its global reach daily as the world consumes additional renewable fuels. Murex exports to Canada from ethanol plants in the Midwest and exports to other worldwide locations from its terminal in Texas City, Texas.


On April 23, 2009, the European Parliament passed a Renewable Energy Directive (RE-D) in order to promote consumption of renewable fuels in the European Community. Implemented first in Germany and subsequently in the U.K., this directive is scheduled to be implemented individually by each member of the European Union in order to achieve increased energy efficiency, a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions, and an increase in the use of fuels from renewable sources.

In order to export to the European market, the largest 2011 export market for the U.S., it is imperative that ethanol suppliers understand and participate in the RE-D program in the various forms in which this directive is implemented by individual states. Murex is an EU ISCC certified trader, capable of supplying RE-D certified sustainable low carbon product to all of the European market.

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