LITTLE ROCK, AK – March 19, 2013 – /PRNewswire/ – Alternative and renewable energy consulting group, Lee Enterprises is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance with Murex LLC of Addison, Texas. Murex is a leading marketer and distributor of renewable fuels, methanol, Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs) and crude oil, and has served major oil companies, regional refiners, and producers for more than 20 years.

“Murex has been a leader in this industry for many years,” says Lee Enterprises Consulting’s CEO, Wayne Lee. “They already supply methanol and provide other services to a large segment of our biodiesel clients. Murex recently formed a strategic relationship with Genscape, who was already our strategic partner with respect to RIN Integrity matters, so this new partnership between us and Murex closes the loop of necessary services for renewable fuels clients.” Lee notes that the new relationship allows Murex the ability to have his group of highly trained experts ready to assist with virtually any biofuels related matter, while allowing Lee Enterprises’ clients access to buy methanol and sell their RINs and biodiesel at competitive prices. Lee notes that another major factor in selecting Murex as a strategic partner was the fact that the company has processed 8.1 billion RINs under the Renewable Fuel Standard with 100% validity. “Anyone who knows this industry knows what that security means.”

Murex president, Robert C. Wright, is equally enthusiastic about what this new relationship means to the marketplace. “Lee Enterprises Consulting is the largest consulting group of its kind, and their depth of expertise and experience is really remarkable,” says Wright. “With our strategic relationship with Genscape, we became the first RIN marketer to promote QAP-A RINs, the most robust and worry-free RIN qualification system. The new relationship with Lee Enterprises provides our customers with quick access to engineering, design & fabrication, feedstock assistance, process safety management, appraisals, due diligence, plant sales, grants, and a variety of other services that are not part of our core competencies.” Wright went on to explain that the Murex reputation, with decades-long relationships, provides customers with a clear sense of security. “Moving forward with these alliances simply strengthens and expands upon our role in the past of supporting and educating our producers in any way we can so that they and our customers can sleep at night.”

ABOUT LEE ENTERPRISES CONSULTING, INC: Lee Enterprises consulting is the world’s largest alternative and renewable fuels consulting group. The group handles a variety of matters in the biodiesel, ethanol, wind, solar, biomass, cellulosic ethanol, gasification, waste to energy, and related biofuels industries. The group has over 40 consultants and strategic alliances with top experts worldwide. The group also owns National Business Brokerage, Inc., a brokerage firm specializing in the buying and selling of alternative and renewable fuels plants. Lee Enterprises Consulting, 9903 Brockington Road, Suite 106, Sherwood, AR 72120. (501) 833-8511.

ABOUT MUREX: Murex LLC is a leading marketer of domestic ethanol, export ethanol, crude oil, RINs, methanol, and other gasoline blendstocks to and from major oil companies, refiners, and producers worldwide. The company’s distribution system is extensive with a 2,100 railcar fleet and a vast network of terminal and storage facilities. Murex is one of the top RIN traders in the world, setting the industry standard for early due diligence efforts by marketers. The company is significant in the domestic ethanol industry and is the largest export ethanol marketer in the country. Murex LLC, 5057 Keller Springs Road, Suite 150, Dallas, TX 75001. (972) 735-3319,