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Murex LLC, headquartered in Addison, Texas, is a leading marketer and distributor of domestic ethanol, export ethanol, crude oil, Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs), and other gasoline blendstocks to major oil companies and regional refiners. Murex has one of the most extensive distribution systems in the United States.

Our experienced sales and logistics teams use multiple supply points, efficient low-cost transport options, and superior market intelligence to provide quality products to our customers. Murex pioneered shipment of ethanol by unit train from ethanol plants to tanks on the water, allowing access to refineries and export markets. Our expansive railcar fleet, long-term supply contracts, and numerous terminal locations, give Murex the ability to respond to a variety of customer needs.

Murex is uniquely situated to provide professional marketing and sales in a variety of markets through:

  • Product Diversification
  • Market Intelligence
  • Import / Export Capability
  • Rail, Barge, Truck and Ship Expertise
  • Storage Options
  • Guaranteed Offtake Options
  • Multiple Terminal Locations
  • Expansive Railcar Fleet
  • Adaptability to Changing Market Needs
  • Extensive Network of Customers and Suppliers
  • Industry-Leading Compliance and Due Diligence Efforts

Specialized Product & Service Offerings

  • Domestic Ethanol & Export Ethanol
  • Crude Oil, Methanol, & Other Gasoline Blendstocks
  • RINs (Renewable Identification Numbers)
  • LCFS, R-ED, & Other Carbon Markets
  • Railcars
  • Marketing, Logistics, & Risk Management

Contact Us

Dallas: 972.735.3340 mtravillian@murexltd.com
Houston: 281.973.9232 pdalton@murexltd.com